Designer Code of Conduct

CONTESTHOURS is a large, global community that brings together lots of different people. The most important thing is to treat each other with respect. To help guide your participation in the CONTESTHOURS community, we have assembled a simple code of conduct. Thank you, for your support to make

CONTESTHOURSa professional, fun and friendly design community. In order to maintain a fair place for all designers, please make sure you follow our “Designer Code of Conduct” detailed below. Violation of this code will result in your account being permanently blocked!

1. Respect all community members

rule #1! Negative, aggressive, criticizing before a client or offensive behavior in public or in private will not be tolerated. If you need to report a community member for inappropriate behavior please do so by contacting support. (

2. Only post ORIGINAL work that is designed by you.

This means do not copy other designer’s logo concepts or any other design concept, and no cliparts or stock vectors. Copying designs in total or in part from other sources within or outside of the CONTESTHOURS community will not be tolerated.

Do not submit stock art, free vectors, clip art, photo traces, or third party-derived images of any kind to logo, illustration or button/icon contests.

In wordmark contests, fonts must be customized or they will be treated as stock art.

About design copying:
  • Design copying is when someone submits new logos and concepts that look extremely similar to yours. Keep in mind that No borrowing ideas from other designers. You can borrow ideas from another designer only when requested by the CLIENT.
  • THE BORROWING IDEAS can be fonts, borders and certain elements that too only on CLIENT’S REQUEST.
  • If the major concept of one designer is asked to use in another design, then both the designers can use the each other’s concept and there will be split prize between them.
  • However, designers must create their own unique implementations, and must not merely attempt to replicate the decisions made by designers who receive high star ratings during the revision stage.
  • Unique and original concepts must be respected and only developed by the designer that introduced them.
  • Taking concepts of X designer winning or non-winning entries and using it to another contest is again violation. In that case the whole prize will be sent to the original designer on investigation.

For example : for TRAVEL COMPANY if every one uses

A vacation or travel logo contest for Holiday Moons is filled with designs based on obvious concepts like suitcases, airplanes, bags, world etc. Then a designer submits a really clever design based on a bird and the contest holder gives it a high rating. Other designers cannot start submitting designs based on birds. This is a unique concept original to that designer alone.

About use of clipart:
  • We do not advise our designers to use any clipart in a design. However if you can take inspirations from clipart but DO NOT COPY the sameby just making sufficient modifications to the clipart.
  • Keep in mind that clients aren’t going to be happy if they are legally pursued over copyright issues arising from your work — and you’ll be liable for any costs and damages they incur.
  • ALL YOUR PAYMENTS WILL BE HELD and BANNED if found guilty.
  • These images are examples how it should NOT be done.

3. Filing a “DESIGN Court” case.

If you feel someone has copied your design or directly used a clipart or copyrighted images, you can click on the "Report violation" link on the contest page. This will help you file a DESIGN COURT case in our forum. Other designers can comment on the case and our ADMIN will make the final decision.

  • If you received a DESIGNCOURT case against your design, behavior or rules broken please respond ASAP by posting your justification in the forum/MAIL. Failure to respond will result your account being locked.
  • Do not file a “DESIGNCOURT Case” carelessly because you will lose points if your report does not win. Take a look our previous cases and make sure you understand our judging criteria.

4. Be honest and compete fairly

Do not misrepresent yourself or others in public or in private. Never attempt to influence the client by criticizing other designers, offering to do free work if they select your design, or by propositioning the client to cancel their contest and work directly with you instead.

I will not:
  • Submit designs that I copied in total or in part from someone/somewhere else
  • Publicly criticize or attack designers, clients or CONTESTHOURS staff
  • Open multiple accounts
  • Engage in fraud.
I will:
  • SRespect the community and the code of conduct
  • Submit only original work
  • Use the proper channels to report inappropriate behavior.

5. Logo submission guideline

One logo per submission.The image file should only contain the logo design by itself with sufficient space around. You are allowed to submit ONLY ONE mockup design per project (unless specifically requested by the client) in which you can present your logo design in a business card, letterhead or any other settings you prefer.

6. No flooding!!!

During open concept stage, do to flood the contest by uploading similar designs multiple times. Upload variations of one design concept only if requested by the client.

7. No contact information during contest

Designers are not allowed to leave or ask contact information until he/she is selected as the contest winner.

8. Please be polite and professional

This means do not discuss issues about design copying or violations in the contest discussion area. No complaints of the contest holder or other designers. If you feel something is not right or unfair, post it in the designer forum.

9. Deliver the correct files after you win a contest

After you win a contest, make sure you create a logo package according to our requirements in the FAQ.

10. No Email address on your portfolio page

You can leave your website URL, but NO Email address on your portfolio page!

I think everyone will benefit from above policies. Any violation of "Designer Code of Conduct" may result in your account been closed. Thank you for your support!!!